Name: TT-33 (pistolet Tula Tokareva > "Tula Arsenal built / Tokarev-designed Pistol, model of 1933")

Tt render

Type: pistol

Country of origin: USSR/Russia

Designer: Fedor Tokarev

Produced: 1930 - 1954

Variants: -

Caliber: 7,62х25mm TT

Action: short recoil

Feed system: 8-round box magazine

Weight: 0.964 kg.

Customization: Grips, magazine, barrel, muzzle device (with threaded barrel)

This pistol was created to replace the obsolete M1895 PN (Pistolet Nagana) revolver in Soviet service. The original model TT-30 was replaced by the improved TT-33 pistol in 1936. The 9mm PM (Pistolet Makarova) began replacing the TT-33 in service in 1952. The Soviets stopped producing the Tokarev pistol in 1954 but Communist Bloc countries produced their own copies or derivatives for decades afterwards.