Tushonka [Russian > "Braised Meat"] is a term for stewed pork or beef preserved in a hermetically-sealed container. It is notoriously made from heavily-salted low-grade fatty cuts of meat. Traditional home-made Tushonka was kept in glass mason jars but modern commercially-made Tushonka is canned.

It was made as emergency canned rations for the military during the Great Patriotic War (1940-1945). Surplus ration cans later became popular with hikers and tourists in the post-War period. Popular demand led it to be produced for the domestic market. 

Item Weight Grid
Price Rarity Spawn
Tushonka 0.3 kg 1x1 ₽ 1150 Common 20% 3 sec. Energy +65
0.5 kg 1x1 ₽ 1050 Common 15% 3 sec. Energy +70

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